Sara Fort, RN, CHP, CLL, CEO
  • Mother
  • Registered Nurse
  • Consultant
  • Caring Clown
  • Professional Humor Presenter
  • Laughter Leader
  • Stress Buster
Sara works on the front lines in the hospital setting and experiences first hand the stress in patients, families, and hospital staff. Interjecting humor, playing professionally, and creative customer service has had a positive impact on the patients, their families and especially staff in getting through even the most difficult days. Sara promotes humor and play to help everyone from the very young to the elderly. Caught in that sandwich generation, Sara has balanced taking care of her home, family, parents, pets, and work, by spreading humor on her sandwich. Humor allows us all to cope with daily dilemmas. Sara readily shares some of the techniques to help cope with the expected and unexpected. Bringing to everyone her message and her company, Humorous Outlooks Healthy Outcomes.